Before there was a “concern decade” and political correctness became mandatory, a generation of unsung artists expressed their earnest outrage against the issues of the day. Nuclear arms build-up, Apartheid and US policy in Latin America were themes often found in their art even though their art was seldom to be found on the walls of major galleries and museums. One of the most prolific members of this school is Julius Valiunas, an artist whose commitment to social causes ranges in expression from painting and sculpture to performance art and managing alternative spaces.

Valiunas is best known for his series of expressionistically painted sculptures in which political imagery is combined with found objects such as car hoods. As a performance artist, he has staged events in New York and Amsterdam and was a cast member of the multimedia play, Heartbeast. He has organized numerous group exhibitions around social themes and, in this capacity, helped found 10 on 8 and the One Main Street Windows. 

Valiunas was born in 1953, and raised in New Rochelle, NY. He is the son of a Lithuanian diplomat who was instrumental in the struggle for Baltic independence. He attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Philadelphia College of Art in the early 70’s. After graduation he moved to New York City to pursue a career as a painter. Through the years he has worked both independently and in collaboration with artist collectives, among them: P.A.D.D., Group Scud and Artists for All Species, an animal rights organization.

Valiunas’ latest work,  “Country Canvasses” will be featured throughout the month of June as part of the “In-situ” exhibition in Narrowsburg, NY where he currently has an open air studio. The exhibit will be open on weekends from 1 to 4 pm and by appointment. For more info on this show, click HERE.


original content by Robert Costa, updated for J. Valiunas website 2019

Julius V. Valiunas

ph: 646-596-1425


Born: New York 1953
Education: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1975
Board of Directors, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists


2016 “Artifacts From The Future”, Nutshell Arts Center, Lake Huntington, NY

1994 “Essential Signage”, The Bridge-Alternative Art Space

“Is This Rotten Or Wonderfully Brave”, One Main Street Installation Space

“Constructive Ambiguity”, Ridge Street Gallery
“The Oil & Water Show”, Kentler International Drawing Space

“Free to Pay”, The Gas Station/Space 2B, New York City
“War, Peace & Victory”, Sculpture Exhibition, Memorial Arch, Grand Army Plaza

“Milwaukee Airport Installation:, Polaroid/Xerox/C-Print Progression,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Geopolitical Cartography”, 10 on 8, New York City


“Recycling With Imagination: Art From Detritus”, Metro Regional Center, Portland, Oregon
“Pier Show 11”, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

“The Death: Born In The Usa”, Lithuanian Museum of Art, Chicago, IL
“Works On Paper”, Kentler International Drawing Space

Why War”, B 4 Art Gallery
“Elements Of Drawing”, Ammo Exhibition Space

“Selections”J, 55 Mercer Street Gallery
“The Decade Show”, The Studio Museum of Harlem
“Sculpture and Painting”, One Main Street Windows
Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Brooklyn, NY
1989 “Earth Remembered”, Hook Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“Tropical Rain Forest” Sundered Ground, New York City
a benefit for Green Ink, Inc. to save the Ecuadorian Rain Forest

“Making Waves”, Prospect Park Boathouse, Sponsored by the
Prospect Park Alliance

“Concrete Crisis”, (The PADD Project). Exit Art Gallery, New York City
“SCUD”, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
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“Five Years Exhibition”, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY
“Drama/Trauma”, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 “Artists Support Black Liberation”, La Galeria En El Bohio, New York City
“Mass”, coordinated, curated and sponsored by Group Material.
The New Museum, New York City. Show toured the United States.
“SCUD/Vending Machines”, Seibu Stores, Tokyo, Japan
“Feminists & Misogynists Together At Last”, Center of Contemporary Art,
Seattle, Washington
“The Corporate Lobby Show”, Mokotoff Gallery, New York City
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“Fashion Moda Presents Democracy At Work”, 22 Wooster Street, New York City
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“Homeless NYC”, Storefront For Art & Architecture, New York City
“Art Against Aparthied – Issues In Focus”, Boricua College, Brooklyn NY

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“Racist America”, Dramatis Personae Gallery, New York City
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‘L’Espirit Encyclopedique, New York Public Library, Thompkins Square, NY
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“BWAC Sculpture”, Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, Brooklyn, NY
“Alternative Aesthetic”, ABC NO RIO, New York City
“Artist Call”, L.E.S.S. SPACE, P.S. 122, New York City

“Mapped Art: Charts, Routes, Regions”, Two year show touring throughout the US,
curated by Peter Frank. Began in 1981.
‘Preparing For War”, Terminal Show, Brooklyn, New York
“BWAC at BACA”, Brooklyn, NY
“Postmodern Man”, L.E.S.S. at P.S. 122, New York City
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“New York Art Parade, New York City
“Works For All Species”, 10 on 8 , New York City
“Newspace”, L.E.S.S. at P.S. 122, New York City
“Ritz Show”, COLAB, Washington, DC
“CA I DOZ”, 226 East 3rd Street Mural, New York City
“Grabag”, City Gallery, Department of Cultural Affairs, New York City
“BWAC Sculpture”, Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, Brooklyn, NY
“SCUD Attacks”, Soho, New York City

“Down and Out of New York”, Wake Forest University, North Carolina
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“Bobsband Collaborative Series, New York City
“BWAC/Open Studio, Brooklyn, NY

“BWAC/Open Studio, Brooklyn, NY
“Bobsband Collaborative Series, New York City

“Bosband Collaborative Series”, 10 on 8, New York City

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Museum Exhibitions, Philadelphia, PA


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Leipzig, Neubrandenburg, Munich, Germany
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One Main Street Windows”, Sculpture Exhibitions, Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, President
Heap Theatre, Member, Co-Founder
10 on 8, Project Director


The New Forms Regional Grant Program, administered by the Painted Bride
Art Center, funded by the Inter-Arts program of the NEA, the Rockefeller
Foundation & the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Interdisciplinary Program.